Finding aspirations in odd places

Baking= hard work rewarded!

Today I realized something while browsing through Anthropologie’s books. I kept finding that I had put on my wishlist practically all their recipe books. It is official. I have a new hobby. Not even that, I have found something completely random and definately unexpected that I enjoy more than I could ever have imagined. Baking. I am still bewildered at the thought. I have a passion for baking. But the question I keep asking myself is, “How in the world did this happen? It isn’t like I haven’t baked before. What has changed?” I think I might be on the path to the right answer. It is quite similar to the journey of falling in love. We have all fallen in love at different times in our lives. But timing and life itself is everything. Maybe if we had met that person in a different time, with a different attitude- they would have been the right one. To me, that answers my baking question. It took me 19 years and a trip abroad to truly appreciate and love baking.

It has also put me in a tight spot because now I feel like I have so many things I love doing. How do I fit them all in? Should I now change my dream to opening a bakery? No, I love writing too much. But I also want to help people, so maybe therapy is best. But wait, I really like animals too. That is my thought process on a good day. Scary, huh? So now I go to the next process in stressing out about it– putting the blame on someone. I know– My parents! Why in the world did they tell me I could do anything?!? That makes the options so endless, what were they thinking? Why couldn’t they be normal and tell me to be a doctor or lawyer etc…

So next in line in this stressing-out process is going to seek advice. I can either go to Mason and have him look at me like I’m stupid, and then he will just slap me out of it. Abusive, but surprisingly effective. Plus it gives me the satisfaction of being able to slap back. Then there is the option of going to my dad and enduring this long monologue about life in general which sometimes I am actually in the mood for, but usually not. His method takes a couple of years to actually sink in.

But, the point is, how are you supposed to do everything you love in life? Especially since as you explore and get older, that list gets longer. I suppose the only answer I have been able to sort out so far is that you just can’t freak out about it. And as you can tell, when I stress about it, I waste a lot of valuable time. But overall, I think that is the beauty of living. Having an enormous amount of things you enjoy doing means you’ll always be happy and never stagnant. So, my word of advice is be adventurous. I have realized that getting out of my comfort zone, even in a small way as going to England with Mason and my dad, makes you encounter things you would’ve never known you could love. Don’t stop living, you never know what adventure is around the corner. Some of the best things in life are things you don’t necessarily expect.


No Kassies are harmed during stressed out episodes. The person referred to as Mason does not do any bodily harm and, if anything, Kassie is more abusive.


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6 thoughts on “Finding aspirations in odd places

  1. Kass- i love you even more now that you love baking! lets open a bakery together and get fat and happy! At times life can be so confusing- but it is so great that you have a passion for several things- take hold of that and run with it! For some reason as we get older we forget what makes us happy and we just settle. Maybe it’s because we loose focus and get off track- but like you said, continue doing things you love and you will be happy! You are so right girly. Do what makes you happy and don’t let anybody change your mind. So how about that bakery??

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