Okay Mr. Silverstein

Have you ever had the thought, “I can’t do this” or “I just don’t have time to do this, even though I would really like to achieve this goal.” Well, I can definitely attest to these sentiments. Especially this first week of school. What with my mornings starting at 8 AM and having a sixteen-hour schedule, I have gotten extremely overwhelmed. But today I got some advice that I thought was really worth sharing with everyone. I went online and listened to a motivational monday at the national society of leadership and success chapter here at ASU. I thought I could really use a pick-me-up for getting through the rest of the week so I gave it a try. The speaker they had today was Sam Silverstein. Never heard of him? Well, me neither till now. He is a leadership/motivational speaker as well as a very successful entrepeneur and businessman who has influenced many major corporations. But, to get to my point– his major advice to everyone is proactive accountability and strategic intent. What did he mean by that? Well, what I got from it is that you should always be doing the right thing. Not just the morally right thing, but things that will set you on the path to your goals. He recommended making a list of all the things you do that helps you get closer to being what you want to be. Thus, excluding everything that takes up your valuable energy. To most of you, this advice probably isn’t anything you didn’t already know. But this week it really helped me prioritize. I have been stressing so much about how I do not know if I’ll be able to successfully complete my french class, (I’ve never spoken french before in my life) but Silverstein pretty much said that you can do anything as long as you hold yourself to it (are accountable). Hearing him talk about this accountability made me want to continue on to read his famous book “No More Excuses”. Here is an excerpt from his site that talks about the book:

“No More Excuses is a gripping and entertaining look at the major reasons people aren’t achieving what they want and deserve, and how to go about addressing those issues. International leadership and accountability expert Sam Silverstein teaches the four phases of accountability, the five critical, but often overlooked, areas to apply personal accountability and how to infuse accountability within your organization.

Whether you are faced with change, growing your leadership team, seeking accountability training, promoting a sales initiative, or entering strategic planning it all starts here. The first step is to make No More Excuses and be accountable for making your success a reality.

I just thought this was all a really helpful start to my week, and might support you on the beginning of your week as well. Remember, do not ever not go after a goal/dream just because you think it is impossible or too hard. Do not limit yourself by making more excuses.


For more information on Sam Silverstein and his book go to his site: http://samsilverstein.com/

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