Old-fashioned in a modern world

For some reason today I was thinking about all the handwritten letters I have written in my life. I have to think that I may be one of the only persons of my generation that has been a follower of this “ancient” tradition. I do not know if it is because of all the classic books I have read growing up or what, but I love writing letters and sending them in the mail almost more than I enjoy receiving them (who doesn’t like getting a thoughtful letter compared to all the junk mail and bills we get in the mail?). It really saddens me that this very thoughtful act is diminishing with every text and email sent.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely do not know what I would do without technology. I was born right in the rise of personal computers and so forth. I’ve never known life without a computer at home or cellphones. But, I also find myself leaning towards “old-fashioned” traditions and ideas the more complicated technology and  fast-paced our world gets. When you send someone a letter, it not only means you made the time for them, but it seems to be more personal than a quick shout out on facebook or email. But letters are not the only thing that I seem to want to stick around a little longer. Oh no, there is much more. 🙂

Here is my list-

Gardening- both growing vegetables and fruit and flower gardens. Who has read “The Secret Garden” and not wanted one, seriously??

Baking from scratch- none of that pre-made mix stuff (wouldn’t you rather get fat on the real deal than fast food anyways!)

Camping- oh the wonders of the great outdoors! (I have Mason to thank for this new love)

Reading books- aka not kindles or e-readers. My argument on this one isn’t very good. So, I usually say I like the way old books smell from libraries….I’m strange, but it is true.

LIBRARIES- There is just nothing better than being around that many books. I mean honestly when was the last time you’ve been to your public library for a book?

Old records- For some reason vinyl records on a recorder sound so cool to me. Also, learning how to play an instrument. If I could be able to make my own music whenever…. that would be awesome. Unfortunetly, I use the excuse I don’t have the time.

Dancing- I want to learn to swing dance, none of that grinding nonsense (I mean could you really see me dancing like that without laughing hysterically, I know I couldn’t. The phrase “too white” doesn’t even begin to cover it.)

Playing sports- not playing on the Wii! Wii tennis infuriates me, I know how to hit a tennis ball and that game is just nonsense. Haha, I get extrememly hostile about that (Mason beats me when we all know in real life…)

^^^^^And can I just say intense tennis faces are hysterical, I’m glad I never made these, I hope!

I’m sure the list could go on but those were all the ones that came to my mind first. I guess, I just feel like if you go back even just a few decades-things seemed more purposeful and time not quite as fast. The age we live in is very fortunate because of technology, but I do believe some things should never be forgotten. They remind us to slow down when we get caught up. So, that person in front of you that is walking AGONIZINGLY slow at the store or on your way to class- they might just be really enjoying the moment (or really THAT slow). I’m guilty of wanting to race ahead and get what I need to get done as fast as possible. But, if I do that my whole life, one day I’ll be lying in bed wishing I had slowed down just a little- no matter how old-fashioned that concept might be. (Ask any european, they agree we Americans go way too fast 🙂 )

Here is a song that I found a while back that goes with that. I loved her in Phantom of the Opera- but the lyrics hold true to what I said. Have an awesome day!!

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