St. Francis and I are tight

I am an animal lover. Let me rephrase, I have compassion for all things that breathe.   I came to the conclusion the other day that my obsession with cute fuzzy things has taken on a whole new level- to species that aren’t necessarily cute and fuzzy- CRAZY! Okay, it isn’t really crazy, but I do find it is better late than never to realize that animals deserve a chance no matter how cuddly they are.

This last Friday, I was eating an amazing plate of cheese quesadillas at Jalisco’s in Kerrville along with a side of guacamole. YUM. Anyways, the whole time I was having to swat at flies (we were eating outside). I was getting really frustrated! This is MY food, and by golly I’m gonna eat it without fly barf on it. (Or poop, depends on the theory you believe in.) So, moving on, I finally relinquished my food to the flies after having my fill and they did what flies do, look all gross while slurping up your food. Then tragedy struck. I noticed a fly had been in one spot for an unusually long time, and after closer inspection, I realized it was stuck. Umm, eww? Then I did somthing I won’t forget. I actually felt sorry for it. So I scooped it out of the guacamole and my dad helped fling it off- it was really stuck. Then it hit me (no, not the fly), I just saved a fly. A fly. Really? Such a little, miniscule instance really opened up my eyes to the fact that I really care for everything that breathes. Sometimes bugs and other things may seem scary or gross, but they all have a purpose. Maybe a fly isn’t going to win the presidential election and change the world, but it is here for a reason. There is a purpose to everything. (Exception to the rule- mosquitos… I really can’t figure out their purpose and I really don’t like mosquitos….) Even on my way home, every time a butterfly hit my windshield, I flinched a little. I even got to the point where I would try to avoid them- which was impossible. So I moved on to try to will them with my mind to stay out of my way, but my wind shield attests that that method failed.

So, either I am going crazy or becoming one of those monks who believe in reincarnation. Okay, I’m not really, but I have noticed that lately, I don’t want to put anything in pain or trouble if it isn’t necessary. I feel that we were given minds and compassionate hearts to take care of all the beings around us. Guardians of sorts. That includes even the smallest beetle. (I really do sound crazy but I’m not.) I’ve just grown up with dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, cows, birds, fish, etc and I have a deep love for everything nature lets live. Nature is beautiful and I want it to stay that way. Anyways, I suppose my real purpose is that this idea was further fueled by a petition I was recently asked to sign online. I’m usually really cautious about petitions like these, but whenever there are innocent animals out there being inhumanely treated it really bothers me. It’s a drop in the pit of my stomach kind of feeling. How could you be so cruel and hurt something that can’t fend for itself. We think abuse of children is wrong, and animals are basically similar cases. (Basically, not completely obviously.) So, here is the petition that I did end up signing and if you feel the urge to add your name- go for it.

I suppose you should know that most people in-vision me in a spring looking dress hopping around in a field with a bunch of animals following me like Snow White so this blog isn’t really too far from that visual. I guess I was born a hippy. And my “couldn’t hurt a fly” trait recently surfaced as well 😉 Have a peaceful day!

“If you have men that will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.” ~St. Francis of Assisi

Here is the link to the story and petition-


One thought on “St. Francis and I are tight

  1. You are so in touch with nature. I did laugh all through the fly section since I was there with you. You continue to amaze me.

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