I woke up this morning and realized, that yesterday marked the first day that I set eyes on the lovely isle of the UK. No big deal.


I could cry right now just thinking about it (the sad part is, I am being serious, not just over-dramatizing). England is to me like what George Clooney or Johnny Depp is to some women. I do not think I would be or ever have been star struck, except when I realized I was planting my feet on that magical foreign soil. It is hard to explain. Imagine something you’ve read about and dreamt about since you were twelve. Even then, I do not think that puts it in perspective to the emotions that flooded me. To this day I call it Kassie Heaven. All in all, I think you get the point that it was a mountainous moment experiencing it, a tender place when I look back on it, and possibly the motivation that feeds my life everyday. Because I realized, “Guess what, life really can be this magical EVERY DAY!” Traveling around the gorgeous terrain that makes up England in a state of continuous curiosity and excitement, like everything was new, was like waking up to the world for the first time. I should not have to be in England to realize that I should make life that way all the time. For me, it is easier to act that way there, but it was still a good life lesson. Plus, I go back all the time when I need to, and hopefully someday I’ll get to go back physically. But, for now, I’m okay with where I am, because it is a pretty beautiful place too (no not San Angelo, unfortunately, that was definitely meant metaphorically- we need rain!)

Therefore, I am honouring the day my life got flipped right side up by giving you a more in-depth tour of that wonderful journey across the sea. Hope you enjoy! Also, just click on a photo to see them bigger, I had captions on them but apparently they didn’t save sooo…. they don’t anymore. Sorry! If your curious about any of them just ask.

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