My spew with Walmart

A while back I announced to my facebook friends and family that I would no longer shop at Walmart. Many people kind of thought I was just being silly or it was a phase, but I truly did mean it when I said I wanted to boycott them. While Walmart has tried to make up for a lot of their cruelty by supporting some charities, for me it will never outshine the fact that they still support a lot of unethical and immoral activities. I positively believe that their low prices do come at a greater cost at times. My initial reason for disliking Walmart was because I went through the process of trying to save three of their green spotted puffer fish- only one survived. If you have ever gone to their fish section, you probably know how gross or greatly malnourished the fish are- to the extent of eating each other- and no that isn’t normal. It means they aren’t being fed enough or shouldn’t be in the same tank. Anyways, today I saw this video in my email and I literally had to stop watching because of how horrid and graphic it was. (At least to me, I’m the person that cries in movies when pets die.) So, I will caution that it may be best not to watch while eating and was quite unsettling to me. I also invite you to sign the petition if after watching the video and doing further research you feel strongly against what Walmart is actively participating in. Hopefully, if anything, it has at least justified my dislike of Walmart. I am not pointing fingers at anyone who shops at Walmart or works for them. This is just a personal lifestyle choice I have made. Plus, I just thought people should be aware at least.

Here is the link to the petition and video. When I signed they had already reached enough signatures, so apparently I’m not the only one!

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