Undeserved Kindness

“A part of kindness consists in loving people more than they deserve.”
Joseph Joubert

So, today Mason and I went to Texas Roadhouse to have our usual meal. We had just gotten home, so we were coming back to house with no food and no motivation to get groceries… therefore, Roadhouse was calling our names. If you knew how often Mason and I go to Roadhouse you would understand how comfortable we are going there. We have our routine down to a tee. I even think the waiters and waitresses automatically know who we are, they probably talk about us (but honestly it should be good because we tip well and our order is easy). Anyways, we were happily finishing up our meal full of yummy rolls and good salad when the man who was sitting alone across from us left his table and dropped $25 on our table saying that tonight dinner was on him and quickly walked off. I’m pretty sure my mouth was hanging open for the next two minutes. Mason barely managed to say thank you and wave as he walked out. And then, I just wanted to cry. I noticed the man sitting across from us when we sat down because I always feel a little bummed out when I see people eating alone, as if it is my duty to get up and sit with them. The ride home was quiet and we kept saying how we wish we had been able to give it back or why did he do that for us. We didn’t even really do anything to gain his attention.

That was the sad part. It has been really difficult for me to accept his kindness because I don’t think we deserved it. A complete stranger should not be giving me money. I do appreciate it deeply, but it was more moving than anything else. We kept debating why he might have chosen us. Our best guess was that we might of reminded him of his significant other, which only made us more sad. If I could reach back out to that man right now, this feeling in my gut might make me feel better.

To go on, we paid with the twenty, which gave the waitress a nice tip and have decided we will only give the other five dollars to someone the same way we were given it- unconditionally.

I think Mason and I are still shocked by the whole event, it definitely surprised us. But my heart feels like it is swelling right now, as if it is yearning to deserve that unwavering kindness.

I just wanted to share this event because it touched both of us so profoundly. It made us realize how lucky we are to have each other (whether that was the reason he gave it or not), and has made us want to do something deserving in return. But most importantly, that I should be living every day so fully and to the best that I can. To the man who gave us this kindness, thank you so much and thank you so much for thinking we were worthy of it. I can only hope that you have known such love and kindness as well.

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