A little boost

From the very little experience I have with writing, I do know one thing. It is possible to get stuck for what seems like FOREVER. Then I start to lose confidence and just want to trash everything I have ever written. I can have as many friends or family tell me It’s great and I just think, “how would you know?” Of course those close to me think it’s good because they know me intimately. Whether they know it or not, there has to be some subconscious bias going on there.

That all seems pretty negative I know. I was pretty bummed out that I seemed to be struggling with writing so much when I thought I had figured out just an inkling of what it was about. But, the excitement wore off. So then I did the only thing I could think of before I threw my arms up in defeat, I googled writing tips. I was desperate. And this is the little gem I found:
Writing insight (<<click to open the link)

For some reason, that video really helped. It was great insight into how challenging writing really is and how it is supposed to be that challenging. I didn’t feel so alone- and it was just really helpful to see someone else’s writing process visually.

So, my confidence has been boosted, for now.

**Feel free to share any writing tips and advice with me, I am always wanting to know more!**

3 thoughts on “A little boost

  1. Hey there,
    don’t know if it works for you too but bullet points have always helped me. I use a bullet point for every thought I have and write the story in more detail afterwards. So I can separate the “What?” (bulletpoints representing my thoughts) from the “How?” (detailed writing based on the bulletpoints). I also like to read and listen to music for some inspiration and sometimes, a good walk or a shower can make my brain reveal some great ideas :). I also like to try out different things, e.g. my “Remixing relationships” posts (first one can be found here: http://gammagamification.wordpress.com/2013/08/15/remixing-relationships-vol-i/) were a sudden idea which I liked very much. And of course, you can try to collaborate with other artists (musicians, visual artists, etc.) to improve the dimensions of your writing (a good friend of mine does it very great, check him out here: http://gammagamification.wordpress.com/2013/09/02/the-performance/ )
    Have a great day and if you feel like being blocked you can always ask me for some feedback (I am honest ;)).

    1. Thanks for the tips! It’s incredible how many different ways one can approach writing! I’ve learned a lot since this post, but I think we can all get stuck at one point or another. I will definitely have to check out all the posts/blogs you mentioned. I truly appreciate your comments and input!
      -Best Wishes!

      1. You’re very welcome 🙂 PS: You’re so true, there is no wrong and write, only ways that work and others that don’t and you’ve to figure out which ways work for you. I put plural because I think if you know different ways to write, e.g. one more organized and one more brainstorming chaotic way, you can have your preferred way and if it doesn’t work, you can always try the other way(s). This way, you increase your success rate I think 😉
        Best wishes, too 🙂

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