Tid-bits to share

I found this lovely cartoon called “Literary Life” by Posy Simmonds on Kate Morton’s blog (who just so happens to be one of my favorite contemporary authors-My Kate Morton Post). I thought it was too funny and wanted to share.

I also found out that there is a documentary called “The Pixar Story” that came out in 2007 that I think would definitely be worth watching if you are a fan of Pixar movies and their wonderful creative minds that changed the way we look at animation. I hope to find it on Netflix this weekend!

Because who can forget this scene from way back in the day. I still think it is too perfect, hilarious and cute! So many fond memories and characters. I feel so old now, kids these days just expect everything to look like this, but I remember thinking that it was incredible when Toy Story came out. Good times indeed.

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