This epic(ish) life

I don’t know about you but my favorite stories have always been the great epics. Where evil has a truly terrifying face and is epitomized in one being that once conquered frees the world of a great hurt. Of surprising heroes that never thought of themselves as heroes- just trying to survive and do the right thing. Of beautiful open terrain and sunny blue skies. A brave and noble army on the brink of battle, unsheathing their swords and a glowing leader in the foreground giving a speech that makes your skin crawl and your heart soar- ready to defend all that you love and at the brink of all you can be.
Light-hearted adventures sprinkled within the grand scheme of everything. So, either I am still on a LOTR high from watching the first Hobbit movie, or more likely, experiencing that feeling of lackadaisicalness that I experience while watching the Christmas tree coming down and all the glowing lights being extinguished. the fact of knowing the holidays are pretty much over as far as society is concerned can be a pretty unwelcome smack back to what some call “the real world.”

But even more so, just from having a really bad day. Usually days like these make me think about those stories. Why? Because I think in many ways it helps me to envision life as being similar to those stories. Everyday has its own battles and challenges. There are many light hearted moments that make me remember what I am fighting for, moments when I have to gather my nerves and prepare myself for those challenges. Sometimes I even have someone who gives me an inspiring pep-talk that renews my spirit. All in all, life can be seen as an epic within itself and somehow that makes me feel a little bit better when facing a particularly tough time. Because I am such a nerd, it is helpful, or even just entertaining, to imagine how my favorite characters would act in my shoes. So, I hope you have a year full of adventure and of epic (and happy) proportions!
And as for me, I will continue to be my silly self. I see myself drinking plenty of tea, laughing often with my equally silly boyfriend and family, playing far too much Wii with my nephew, forcing myself to the gym to burn off that extra steam and stress, reading till my eyesight gets measurably worse, writing anything and everything I can think of, and spending some much needed time snuggling my cat. So, I’ll be continuing to focus on the little adventures this year while planning for some very large ones coming my way soon 🙂
C’est la vie.


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