For the love of…Valentine’s Day?









Some Valentine’s Day fun!:

So, today is Valentine’s Day. Most single people absolutely despise this day. But, even before my Facebook status went from “single” to “in a relationship” I LOVED Valentine’s Day. In fact, this is probably my least favorite Valentine’s that I have ever had, but that is entirely my own doing. I’ve been so caught up in the stress of a way too busy week piled with physical ailments. Which I think is what makes Valentine’s Day such a bummer for so many people. We either have these unrealistic expectations about this day or we make it into National Whine About How Sad I Am Day. So, I want to say to all of you people whining about Valentine’s Day (including myself) to get over it!!


Yes, Valentine’s Day has become too materialized, I’ll admit it. And what girl doesn’t want to get a bunch of chocolate and candy? But, I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day because of what it implies under the silly bells and tassles (doesn’t this remind you of Christmas??) It’s about LOVE. Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be such a commercial success if people didn’t like to LOVE!! I like to surprise my boyfriend with food (food really is the key to anyone’s heart). I like to send my family little shout outs as often as I think of them. It is so important to show people you care. I know that it can sometimes make a difference between a really crappy day or an incredible day. We are told not to depend on other people to make us happy, which I definitely think is critical to life-long happiness, but oh how it does help knowing that people think of you and that you are not alone.

So, in conclusion, if you absolutely despise Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to rethink it. If you can’t come to like the attack of red and pink hearts and flowers (and you are trying ridiculously hard not to barf or crawl into a corner with some over-priced chocolate and wait it out), no worries, I understand. But I do have a proposition for you- Kindness Week. Yup, it is Kindness Week. So go out into the world and show everyone (or if your not so inclined or brave, just those you care about) how super sweet you are, and I assure you it will brighten their day, not to mention yours. We like to be reassured of these things, and I know I am always rewarded at least in my own consciousness when I do something nice for others.

And if you really don’t want Hallmark to drain your wallet, be creative! A nice little act of kindness goes further than chocolate can sometimes, and without the negative side-effects of eating too much chocolate. I actually had to throw out some chocolate recently because we had gotten an overload from Mardi Gras and Valentines Day gifts. We felt overly gluttonous. It was a sad day.

Chocolate overdose

But if all else fails, get with your friends and laugh at the ridiculous hurdles couples willingly go through on this day, because in all honesty, it is just another day. You can make it special….or not. 🙂
Valentine’s Day Tune for your listening pleasure I’m kind of in love with this song:)

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