Asking for Adventure

I’ve made a crazy, CRAZY decision. Well for me it is anyways. So, in my striving to be more in the “now” (yes my friends, Eckhart Tolle has won me over) I am going on what you could call an Epic Quest.


However, I don’t think it is as epic as AliceatWonderland but for me it’s pretty darn epic.

I’m going to do something new every week. I’m sure people have done this before, but this is kind of a big step for me. I was laying in bed the other night, trying to relax despite having some serious anxiety-related pain and thought, what if I just was nicer to myself? I mean, come on, there is NO ONE that judges me as harshly as I judge myself. It just isn’t possible. I don’t even know how I do it, but I do, and it is sickening in so many ways. But then I realized we all struggle with things. Statistics show that there is a serious epidemic in poor mental health and it continues to grow in modern society. By God I am not the only one! I’m not saying we are all crazy, but I do believe that I myself drive myself crazy. For some reason it just hit me that when I walk in a room, everyone that is in that room doesn’t automatically look at me and start judging me and saying “ewww” or something like that (I’m creative, right?). No they don’t, because
A. None of them know me
B. If they do know me, it is probably not well enough to really know me
C. If they do know me, well I have a hunch that they don’t hate me or think I’m gross, come on get over yourself here.
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Does anyone else do this? No? So maybe I am crazy, but the point is I do it to myself. It isn’t situational and I’m not going mental, I’m just treating myself like crap. I have a ridiculous ego and I let it drive me into insanity. Everyone is dealing with their own lives and do not have the time to judge me as horrendously as I do myself. And even if they did, so what?

So, that was a huge long rant! Anywho, back to business. Trying a new thing. Every week. Now. In the now. NOW.


The goal is to experience all the wonders this life has to offer. My motto since a young age has been to live simply and love deeply. I don’t think I ever really got it till recently what that entails. But, I’m sure going to try to experience more, not for adventure or excitement, but to open up my senses and be alive. Not to mention I’m sure I’ll meet a bunch of awesome people who “Hey look at that, they aren’t judging me! How about that!”

But, you guys, my lovely readers will get first-hand insight into all the awkward encounters with things that perhaps I really shouldn’t be doing. Like a yoga class… can I just wear the comfy outfit? Arg. I mean yay!! I’m excited. So, stick around every Tuesday for my reenactment of my adventures out there in that foggy place called the world. Au revoir for now and I wanted to leave you with an excerpt from Ekhart Tolle’s book because it really just jumped out to me and inspired me to just reeeellllaaaxxx, because life is good if we just let go. Cheesy, but I like cheese (you have no idea how much of an understatement that is) soooo…. here it is!

“All it takes is a simple choice, a simple decision: no matter what happens, I will create no more pain for myself. I will create no more problems. Although it is a simple choice, it is also very radical. You won’t make that choice unless you are truly fed up with suffering, unless you have truly had enough. And you won’t be able to go through with it unless you access the power of the Now. If you create no more pain for yourself, then you create no more pain for others. You also no longer contaminate the beautiful Earth, your inner space, and the collective human psyche with the negativity of problem-making.”

Excerpt From: Tolle, Eckhart. “The Power of Now.” New World Library and Namaste Publishing. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Check out this book on the iBookstore:

Now if I could just have Ekhart Tolle follow me around everywhere, that would be great! Although I would probably start hating his really mellow british accent telling me to “be here now” and I’ll say ‘Damn it where else could I possibly be!” and he’ll reply “goood, you’re getting it!”….. If you’ve ever heard him talk you’d understand 🙂

But if you have any recommendations of things I should “try” let me know! I’ll need all the ideas I can get.

5 thoughts on “Asking for Adventure

    1. Ahh good luck! You should definitely do a post about that! (My boyfriend and I love your blog by the way, I really love your writing style- not to mention we laugh… A LOT. In a good way of course!) Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    1. Thank you! So far, so good! Today is my first official “new thing” but I’ve done a few small things like trying new food which is always a big deal for me because I have a huge fear of food poisoning… Don’t know why because I’ve never actually had it… But thanks again! 🙂

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