Adventure Week One

You may, or may not, have realized that Tuesday came along and passed with no post from me. Whoops. Well, not really. I came to the conclusion that Tuesday is just an awkward day to make a daily post. Therefore, I would say to look for a “new things” post towards the end of the week. So, here I am!

Whoa, this week was also REALLY fast. I like it though. I’m so stoked that it’s spring and summer is around the corner and SUMMER BREAK. It won’t be much of a summer break with summer classes, but I get to go home like I do every year and that makes me jump up and down with excitement. Yes, I have 5-year-old tendencies.

So what did I do “new” this week. Here it goes:

Saturday (can we count this last Saturday? I am.): I tried a new restaurant. Kind of a baby-step, I know. However, I’m absolutely terrified of trying certain “hole-in-the-wall” places because my good food radar goes up. I truly have anxiety issues around unknown food. I have a ridiculously sensitive stomach that roars like a lion sometimes (okay, actually quite a lot) and it gets very disagreeable with certain foods. Anyways! My brother and his girlfriend took us to a Tex-Mex restaraunt that looks sketchy on the outside, hence we never gave it a go, but it was good. I wouldn’t put it in my top 3 all time favorite tex-mex restaurants, because lets face it, my top 3 are like little bits of food god heaven. But, at the end of the day, I was proud of myself for giving a potentially icky place a try. Thank goodness it lacked the ick. So thanks for that bro!>

A picture outside the restaurant.
Monday: This “new” thing was actually probably the most terrifying and important “new” thing that I did this week. I had my first short story workshopped in my fiction writing class. I cannot tell you how scared of it I was. I was so nervous wondering if my classmates would like my story, or if I would turn out to be really bad at taking constructive criticism, therefore making my dream career pretty much explode in front of my face. But, I experienced it, and it was actually a really, really amazing experience. I feel like a proper little writer now. It was so good having feedback from relative strangers about something I had been so nose-deep in for the past few months. The perspective was like a refreshing splash of water on my face, and I feel like I can approach my story again with more insight than ever before. I would say it was a successful workshop. It wasn’t a love fest, nor did I want to go cry in a bathroom stall afterwards, it was just an overall great experience. Maybe I have enough of a thick skin to make it in this business after all. Hallelujah!

Then, there was today. I have to be honest, I almost gave up on my “new” thing today. I had spent all of last night trying to sleep, but was unsuccessful due to some miniature dog mutts that yap incessantly all the time. That probably sounds really cruel, but if you heard them bark as much as I do, well, I think you would understand my fury. So, I had planned my whole afternoon after class, but was honestly exhausted and grumpy. I need two things in life to stay happy: a full stomach (also known as “my little engine”) and 9-10 hours of sleep. I’m crazy I know, but an insomniac I am not, no sirree. You do not want to cross me lacking either one of these things. But, I have really been working on my perspective lately and was able to jump in the shower, eat some fruit, and have some much needed shopping time with my significant other and I was good to go on with my exciting day.

20130419-224136.jpg My bad day fix. I’m a simple lady.
So, what was my adventure? I went to a ceramic showing at the downtown art museum and it was…. different. I would say we enjoyed ourselves, but we didn’t take advantage of the free tiki bar and I feel like we just weren’t able to get the full emersion experience because of it. Oh well, I’m sure we will have plenty of chances later in life. Hopefully. But, it was really nice being able to experience a ceramic showing. It was different than looking at paintings, mainly because I was extremely worried I was going to knock some over which would have been horrifying- it was so crowded. But, I love any medium of art and I was quite impressed. I do not have talent at throwing, at least I wouldn’t think so. It looks dangerous. Maybe I will give it a go someday as a part of my challenge. Overall, it made me miss my parents because they are awesome. That’s random, but true. 🙂


This is my favorite sculpture downtown, not a great shot I know!
I have to admit, challenging myself to try new things has been invigorating. I am definitely a home-body, so it helps me break out of my comfort zone. They say the best writers really know how to live. That is part of my goal. So, if you think it would be fun to challenge yourself with me- go for it! It’s a blast, and everything I did this week was free (except the food, but I didn’t pay… thanks Dad!)

Have a lovely weekend!

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