Long lost friends

Have you ever read a story and felt like you knew an intimate part of the author? In sharing their ideas and characters with us, authors build a bond of unspoken friendship.

Just think about it, an author can spend years to a lifetime creating a character(s) whom readers will come to know more deeply than they may even know themselves. Therefore, both the author and the reader has spent a solid chunk of their time with a shared friend. Because of this weaving of characters to the reader, I have always felt that I either know an intrinsic part of the author, or sometimes I just want to be their best friend. Who knows, maybe I am the only one who feels this way. But seeing how they still get celebrity treatment to this day, I doubt I’m the only fan. In fact, I found this blog post about Jane Austen to be interesting and proves that these authors still get talked about like celebrities to this day. Although, I must agree with the post that Jane Austen is perhaps the better icon than Kim K.

Unfortunately, half the time, they are already dead.

It’s sad how true this button is.
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Anyways, after contemplating how bummed out I am about never being able to meet the real life characters behind the great classics, like Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck, Jane Austen, Mark Twain, F. Scott Fitzgerald, (speaking of, if you haven’t seen Midnight in Paris- do it now!), C.S. Lewis and countless other icons of literature- I decided to share some photos I found on the internet of these great authors that made me smile. Even though these individuals are no longer alive, there is no question that not only does their life’s work live on, but so do the personalities behind them. I hope you find equal satisfaction in them! I retrieved some from Pinterest and others from Google images.


Mark Twain, you either love him or you hate him. I on the other-hand like to think of him as the goofy great uncle. Here he is pushing a kitten into a billiards table hole.


Ernest Hemingway. I remember in high school I thought how nice it was to read a story that was so straight forward in its syntax as Old Man and the Sea. Even though I really like happy endings, Hemingway has found a truly honest way of portraying human life in all its simple beauty. Albeit very tragic at times. I have an extreme affection for Hemingway, almost every Hemingway quote is a keeper. I’ll toast to you, my friend!

John Steinbeck, I have so much to owe to him. He was the first writer I discovered that liked to write in a similar fashion that I do. Whenever, I start a story, I like to research every nook and cranny, and I learned Steinbeck did this for his unfinished work of King Arthur. I have talked about his influence before in this post. I’ll never forget getting teary eyed in Of Mice and Men. I still have much more Steinbeck to read, but he will always be the author that spurred me on in my own quest in story-telling. And yes, I like pictures of authors with their pets! Also, let me know if you have read Travels with Charley, I just discovered it while putting together this post!



Charles Dickens. I have never read anything quite like a Dickens novel. And apparently I’m not the only one, seeing how he has a bit of a reputation to this day in the size of his works. I got a beautiful copy of Great Expectations from my brother one Christmas and I honestly thought it would be too much for me. However, the connection I made with all the characters was extraordinary considering the number of them! Therefore, I think of Dickens as a marvelous story teller. So, when reading his books I like to think of a grandpa-figure telling me a bedtime story, a really intense one, obviously. It is Dickens after all.


So, there you have it. A few great literary minds hanging around with animals. It doesn’t get any more intimate than that. Or at least to me it doesn’t. I automatically connect with other animal lovers, so seeing my favorite authors (a few, this definitely isn’t all) relaxing with their beloved pets makes me happy. And it brings me back down to earth. These people were real and because of their works, I can think of them as fond advisors, helping me through this crazy life!
Let me know if you think of any other authors I need to befriend! I’m always on the hunt!

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