Summertime Dreams and Things


Even as a child, I always saw the importance of not taking a single moment for granted. Now, I cannot say I have always been able to practice it as precisely as I would like, but I have implemented things in my life that gently remind me when I lose sight of how precious each moment is. One of these reminders I blogged about in this post about how a little bird followed me all the way home from the UK forever.

For a substantial number of years, my summers consisted of swimming at my neighborhood swimming pool and pestering the lifeguards, which looking back on perhaps wasn’t the best idea. Every summer between the ages of 11-18 I found myself with a lovely tan, something that I seem to have to actively achieve nowadays. This was also the time of many, many tennis tournaments for me. I remember I joined the team at my local country club, and was the tinniest member of the group. I will never forget the look on a boy’s face when I beat him- priceless. I have so many memories riding in the car with my mom and dad, getting incredibly nervous in the backseat, trying to focus on the “All Star” lyrics ringing out of my headphones. “Get your game on, go play.” It fit perfectly, and it was my mantra. Swimming pools were for swimming and water games, now I’m not exactly sure what you are supposed to do in a pool. I lay out on the edge, get in, walk around a bit, and return to my dry towel. Ahh, to be young again (I’m just kidding, I know I am still incredibly young). I also remember the birthday parties. Oh me, oh my. I went all out for my birthdays, being a summer birthday girl, I took advantage of the holiday and forced my friends to hang out with me for more than one night. Which usually resulted in chaos. You would have thought I would have learned, but alas, year after year I invited the same slew of gals, and my family ran for the hills. Ten girls under one roof, who gave me the go ahead for that? Yet, I looked forward to it every summer, planning out every detail. There is video evidence of all our shenanigans somewhere, consisting mostly of us dancing to “Dreams” by the Cranberries. It turned into a summer anthem for me. I’ve been blessed with so many incredible summer memories and moments, and it is funny that now at the dawn of one of the last really “free” summers I have, they all come rushing back like a tidal wave.

That being said, I understand the importance of this summer, of this moment and every moment to come. I find myself wishing away time, always looking forward to the next big event. But life isn’t made up of “big events”, it is made up of all the spaces in between. All those past summers are evidence to that.

This is the last summer of normalcy for me. Mason is still here with me, I am still living in the comfort of my childhood home with the soft pitter-patter of paws that have followed me around these wooden floors for the past 14 years. I don’t have to have a job just yet (which I know I am extremely fortunate in), I am still greeted by the coming semester- the last year of my college education. Things haven’t changed. But, like always, they soon will- it is only a matter of when.

So, with this post, I am collaborating some pictures of some special moments from this summer. I have been blessed with one more guaranteed summer of youthful bliss, and like always, I know these moments cannot be given again.

But, a part of me can’t help but look back at this time, and breathe it all in. Smelling all the past sunscreen and sun tan lotion, the chlorine. The hissing sound of a can of tennis balls, followed by the unmistakeable smell of fuzzy, bright yellow balls. The salt water from all the gulf trips and the lapping waves. The sound of Fiesta Texas roller coasters and the dripping condensation of the large (and overly expensive) souvenir cups, and the sinking feeling of my stomach followed by an adrenaline rush every time that I would lose my stomach on a ride. The loud music of that favorite summer time hit song, and long rides with friends, the laughter and some of the fights. A very typical summer childhood closing behind me, and soaking up the sun of what is right now. Because you know, you don’t get it back again.

And my old summer anthem seems so fitting even now…

All my life
Is changing every day
In every possible way

In all my dreams
it’s never quite as it seems
Never quite as it seems

I know i’ve felt like this before
But now I’m feeling it even more…

I hope this summer has been one of extreme blessing for you as well, and perhaps you can remember what it was like to be completely free during the summer- free to run around with friends and take family vacations, free to sleep in and do all the things youth brings to summertime. Hopefully, they were all good times and hopefully they will always continue in different forms throughout life.


I grew this sunflower from a little seedling and was so proud when it finally blossomed this summer

I got an incredible opportunity to fly private with my sister and her boyfriend. It was a surreal experience. To think people see flying as just a way from point A to point B now. So beautiful.

I got to visit a water garden with my parents in Austin, and they had water lilies! They are my birth flower and I never get to see them, so I really enjoyed it.

At the very beginning of June I had one of the most amazing experiences of a lifetime. I saw Mumford and Sons live in Austin. I’ve thought of doing a post of the concert all to its own, but we will see. It’s proved difficult to describe.

My dad has really been working on making our backyard a sanctuary since I have been home this summer. It looks very different from my early childhood days, but I can now enjoy a morning cup of tea and watch the birds enjoy the new flowers too.

Last, but not least, I celebrated the new royal babe with a cup of tea in a teacup I brought back for my mom from England. Anglophile nerd alert.

The summer isn’t over yet, still plenty more to come, and I’m sure summer will continue to be filled with warm moments for me.


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