Day = Made

So, apparently special packages DO come before Christmas.


I just received a signed (with real pen ink, my friends) copy of Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book The Signature of All Things. Needless to say, it had the power of flipping a simply ordinary day to a little happy dance jig at the door as my fiancé signed off on the package. (And can I just say, the book itself is truly a work of art in its own right).

Day= made. Actually, I could probably ride this high for awhile… Now if only it had old book smell I might reach a new level of euphoria…

It probably seems silly to go “fan girl” over someone I don’t know. But, if you’ve been following me for awhile, you know my favorite author of all time is Elizabeth Gilbert. Not only is her writing spectacular, I also relate to her since I am someone trying to follow some sort of semblance of normality in the writing sphere, and I’ve just gravitated to her philosophy over the year. I think her journey with writing is a special one, and all of her advice has helped me in really dark spells in my own creative work. If there was a fairy godmother for writing, she would be mine!

Posts I’ve wrote with Gilbert’s advice/wisdom:
Writing Confidence
My Writing Experience

Anywho, this occasion is so momentous I may just set aside the rest of the week to read it. College and poetry writing classes be darned. Eh, okay, I’ll wait at least till tomorrow afternoon.

But, I thought I would share this with you (because I’m obviously excited!), and if you are so inclined you should definitely give this new book a peek. It’s already received rave reviews, not to mention Gilbert is just inspiring all around. Ahh, I could go on for ages.

I feel like such a creeper. Oh well. It happens.

Have an incredible day and I hope you find little things to inspire your day as well! And I have a feeling there might be a book review in the future…. 😉

Now I have to go stick my nose in a book….


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