Bath Lover Finds Lush

Perhaps one of my favorite things to do on this blog is to share my favorite things. In the past, this has consisted mostly of books sprinkled with a few recipes here and there. But, for you bath-takers/lovers/relaxers, I couldn’t help but share my excitement with this brand.

In 2011 I made my infamous (to me anyways) trip to England. Sadly, it was only for a week, but we devoured as much history, sight-seeing, shopping, and food as we could. In fact, I was pretty impressed with us. We had a short 3 hour visit to Bath to meander the abbey and the Roman baths. However, by the time we had made it to Bath, we were pretty exhausted (we had just endured freezing rain at Stonehenge).

M and I on our Bath escapade, obviously staying hydrated.

So, we ended up just roaming through a few shops and grabbing a bite to eat while warming up with some much needed coffee. We took this downtime as an opportunity to look through shops for souvenirs. We found the Jack’s of Bath shop and picked up a few things and I found myself following a fragrant odor outside a soap shop. I thought I would be incredibly clever and buy my mom some soap while in Bath and was pretty intrigued by the huge slabs of soap that the shopkeepers would cut into chunks for you. My senses were pretty overwhelmed, but I managed to pick up something I thought she would like and we made our merry way.

Kid you not, now 3 years later, I discovered I had been in a Lush shop. Which just so happens to now be my all time favorite bath store. Apparently it was fated those many years ago. I ordered my first few bath bombs (or ballistics as they are called in the UK) on blind recommendation from an acquaintance, and was immediately taken by this new bath experience. All of their products are handmade, some are vegan, and all cruelty-free. Not to mention they donate to numerous grassroots non-profits. I’ve been so taken with the brand, I have literally had a dream about going into one of their shops again. I’m pretty sure M is about to smack me the next time I bring them up (he is also upset that I made him glitter after he took a bath after me-whoops).

I also know I am insanely behind on this bandwagon….once again. But I’ve been bribing family members to take me to the nearest store 2 hours away, so I think I’m pretty devoted.

So far, I have loved the Cinders bath bomb which is a warm fragrance with citrus and cinnamon. 20140105-183615.jpg


My favorite part about this bomb is the crackling noise it makes when it fizzes- alluding to the “cinder” name. I thought it was clever enough that I could look past the yellow bath water after its done, plus it smelled really good!

Next was the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb. This one leaves you in a luxurious twilight-esque water with little white floating stars.

I swear these things make me like a squealing little girl in the bath tub- that’s how excited I get when I discover all the little details and surprises within the products. This one does have a little glitter, but it doesn’t really stick to the tub or the skin.

The last one I have tried so far is the one M was furious about. The infamous Star Light, Star Bright bath melt. This one is very luxurious with cocoa butter. However, it is a glitter bomb in the tub.

I would recommend using if you are wanting to sparkle and not get your hair wet. But, I don’t mind the sparkle personally. M on the other hand… I’ll have to clean the tub out immediately after next time.

I am currently dreaming of a trip to one of their shops or just breaking down and experimenting with some other ones. They also have soap, lotion, and pretty much everything skincare and hair care related under the sun.

All that said, it is definitely something of a luxury- their products range from $5 up, which for a little bath bomb can be quite pricey.

Yet, I don’t see that stopping my newfound bath time adventures!

Doesn’t it look like a candy store!!?? 😉
Let me know if you have any experience with Lush and what your likes and dislikes are! These products are just another thing that gets me excited about the little things 🙂

**Unfortunately, Cinders and Star Light, Star Bright are unavailable at the online USA lush store. These were popular Christmas editions.
***All Lush images found via Google search. I tried taking my own photos but they just didn’t do them justice.

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