A Very Lazy Productive Day

Today is one of those days that I got to sleep in thanks to poor weather. Apparently, Texans are horrible at handling slippery streets, but I am not complaining since my classes were cancelled and I could cuddle up all morning. I even tried making M a happy face in his latte today… it turned out to be more of a good morning smirk, but I am getting there!

Source: theendearingdesigner.com

Anywho, I found myself being lazy productive. Yes, that is a thing. Essentially, it consists of me contemplating future goals and plans while in bed. Pinterest may have squeezed in there throughout this process (but of course!). My lazy productive contemplations of the day are as follows:

-Looking for a baking recipe sans eggs. We ran out of eggs at breakfast, but I have to bake on iced-in days; therefore, I found a way around it and made these decadent snowy day treats….

Recipe for Snowball Cookies at http://www.cookingclassy.com/2012/12/snowball-cookies/


I also probably pinned 10 other recipes whilst in the process of looking for something eggless. And, yes, they were pretty much all scone-related. I have been deprived without my Lemon Poppy Seed scones from Whole Foods.

Here’s a yummy looking recipe for them at http://www.onceuponacuttingboard.com

–Next, I went perusing on what I want to do with the rest of my life. To be honest, I do not take this too seriously anymore. And ironically enough, life has become a lot simpler and enjoyable. Now that I’m not worried about being a successful 20-something-year-old, I’m actually finding things I enjoy, well…. enjoyable. I am also considering making pretty drastic changes to my degree plan, and while that would have terrified me in the past (more time in college, oh my!), I am getting genuinely excited. These days, I figure I need to get a degree in something I love. While I love English like nobody’s business, I have become enamoured with communication design and it has a lot to do with my blogging escapades over the last few years. Not to mention Megan and Mike are incredibly inspiring to me over at their website thefreshexchangeblog.com .

I really want this phone case from her online shop at http://society6.com/Hitchdesign/Live-In-The-Sun_iPhone-Case

I seriously think Megan is incredible and her design creations inspire me to continue on with where my heart has been leading me lately, which is design and words– add those things together and I get sappy. I am slowly becoming a font hoarder as well. Her designs are beautifully simple.

–The next thing I did on my lazy productive day was read for class. I’m an English major taking 17 hours. Enough said. But, the weird part is I’m loving it. It is crazy what great professors can do to your motivation. All those gnawing fears that I made the wrong decision transferring, completely gone out the window. It is a lovely feeling. I feel as though I have finally found bibliophile nerds after my own heart. As of this moment, we are reading:

Tartuffle by Moliere

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde by Stevenson

Source: lovelaughterinsanity.com

Lysistrata by Aristophanes

Source: okhanorhan.deviantart.com

Lysistrata has been interesting. Who knew the Greeks were so bawdy? I didn’t, ’til now. Writing papers on all of these may kill the fun a little, but I’ll endure!

–I also got to sport my comfy get-up all day. I do not even care if M makes fun of my “Eskimo boots”. He is secretly just jealous.20140124-163552.jpg

–Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I snuggled with my Zen kitties. It is crazy to think there was a time when I was solely a dog person. Leave it to a cat to curl into your heart.20140124-163705.jpg

I have lived with several Zen masters– all of them cats.

~Eckhart Tolle

The moral of the story is, it is possible to have lazy productive days. In fact, I try to have one every day. Living in the moment is becoming a lot easier these days. Things do get better if you just let things go and simply live. 🙂

Best Wishes,


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