Braving the story

Over Labor Day weekend I found myself happily holed up at my family’s cabin and it made me think how wonderful it is to have a place to just be. I think we all search for places like this, and most people try their best to make their home that safe place where they can breathe and take everything in.

Yet, there is just something about being isolated from the world, watching hummingbirds daintily land on your favorite flowers sipping your morning cup of coffee. That’s the good stuff.


It was exactly what I needed to open up my heart and soul and pour it out onto the white pages of my notebook. My story is starting to seep out of my veins, once I finally let myself turn the faucet on.




Louis Lamour Quote

It is silly how hard it was just to let the words start flowing and it made me realize that sometimes telling a story, especially one that is close to you and that means a lot, those stories are the really scary ones. Not so much because you are afraid of them, but you are afraid that others won’t understand. That people just won’t get it. But that is the thing about creativity.

IMG_1098.JPG Image from Pinterest



So I hope all of you out there continue to express yourselves and tell your stories however you see fit. They do matter, even if it is just to one person- you. Happy weekend!


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