Our Decision to Live Riveted

For many moons, a boy and a girl stayed up late at night, restless, trying to figure out how they were going to build their lives together. Many dreams were dreamt, and many they watched fade away into distant memories of who they used to be. Yet, time and time again, the questions remained, where would they start? How would they begin?

Since I was 13 or so, I’ve adopted the motto “Live Simply, Love Deeply.” It’s guided everything I’ve done up until now and has led me down some pretty crazy paths. But, it’s given me infinite room to grow. It’s made me much braver than I thought I could be. It has become so important to me, that it inspired the namesake for this blog. And so it was further fueled in the 6th grade when I took Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken” to heart. I really haven’t looked back… Just waiting for that sigh somewhere ages and ages hence

All this has led up to Saturday’s 22 hour journey to buy our Dream Stream—a 1972 Airstream Sovereign. We’ve officially taken the leap to live small and dream as big as we possibly can. It’s funny how I almost feel like this was something I always knew would happen as soon as M introduced me to the documentary Tiny. It just spoke to everything I believe in and feels right for us. It isn’t for everyone, and it probably isn’t forever for us but it’s so so right for right now. Now that it’s home and ready to be renovated into our little landing place in the world, a huge weight has lifted off of me.

I’m not naïve enough to think it will be a walk in the park (it’s summer in Texas and the A/C unit doesn’t blow cold air– which means we’ve already had to shell out a pretty penny for a new unit…we don’t have a toilet, a bedroom, or really any idea how the wiring works… we are learning!), but I’m excited to become comfortable with less in a world that teaches us to always want more.

I’m so excited to be taking this time capsule from another era and breathing new life into it. Salvaging it into something special for us, learning how to re-purpose and repair what time has forgotten.

I’m ready to create a home I can afford, debt free, at this stage in my life with the person I love most. I’m ready for the things we will learn and the travels it will allow us to take (Redwoods here we come!).

I’m ready for life in this moment.

And yes, you will probably see renovation updates in this space now. Along with the content you are used to me posting, this is just a little piece of the journey. I’m excited to share what we discover along the way and hope you continue to follow along!

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Thank you to both of our families and friends (and especially M’s dad and my dad) for your endless support and love. 

A sincere shout out to my wonderful fiancé for doing endless grunt work and hours upon hours of research for this adventure. I wouldn’t have had the peace of mind, let alone an amazing partner in crime, if it wasn’t for your devotion to me and this project. You are the only thing that takes my words away – there is never any amount of words to thank you. ❤️

5 thoughts on “Our Decision to Live Riveted

  1. I watched this documentary while I was packing for Hong Kong, loved it! I’m not in a position to do it but feel lucky with the space we have and am absolutely behind the philosophy, excited to see it bring you the happiness you want!

    1. It was super empowering for us, especially growing up in such a consumerist society that can become so overwhelming and pointless. I definitely think it is a state-of-mind/philosophy rather than only a “sell everything and build a tiny home” thing. For everyone it looks different, but I believe it has the same joyful and fulfilling results, and it sounds like you guys have created it in your home in Hong Kong 😊 Thank you so much for your kind words!

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