Long lost friends

Have you ever read a story and felt like you knew an intimate part of the author? In sharing their ideas and characters with us, authors build a bond of unspoken friendship. Just think about it, an author can spend years to a lifetime creating a character(s) whom readers will come to know more deeply … More Long lost friends

Scrambling for words

For my twenty-first birthday this year, the exciting thing I did was get to pick out some books at Hastings. This may seem sort of depressing for a twenty-first birthday but I really enjoyed just lounging around Hastings with my boyfriend and acting like a child in a candy store (or a Kassie in a … More Scrambling for words

Good Read!

Recently, with the help of my wonderful mother, I unearthed a new favorite author of mine. Which, for me is a big deal, because mostly I just focus on classics (a lot are going to show up on the GRE). So, I don’t get to read a lot of new authors’ works these days. But … More Good Read!