Airstream Update #2

Life of renovation in a few words: Fire ant bites, waiting for paint to dry, and the never-ending sealing adventure The unabridged version: Since the last update, we’ve made quite a bit of headway despite busy schedules, illness, and yes, even fire ants. Despite a swollen ankle that I had to keep elevated for 2-3 … More Airstream Update #2

I’m a Wanderer

I never thought as an English major that I would find myself in the world of marketing and advertising. I don’t know why really. I mean, not all English majors don a tweed jacket with elbow patches and a pair of spectacles for reading papers (though to be honest, I do love my tweeds). While … More I’m a Wanderer

Embracing Free Fall

Have you ever had those stomach lurching dreams as you seemingly fall through endless space, only to be jolted awake? They say it comes from anxiety that builds up in real life and overflows into your dreams. Yet this is one thing some people experience when awake. In fact, I’d say it’s pretty much what a … More Embracing Free Fall