Blog for Mental Health 2014- A Continuing Journey

So it is that time of the year again when I take up the commitment to be as honest and open with my readers about mental health, its importance, and how it has made an impact in my life.Last year, I ran across the Canvas of the Minds blog and was immediately blown away by…

Taking the Pledge- Mental Health 2013

As some of you may have noticed, my last post was a reblogged post from aliceatwonderland. I ran across her blog while skimming through the FreshlyPressed page and clicked on her post on Epic Quests and Crap Like That. And I liked it. Of course! So, I did what you are supposed to do when…

Thoughts from another awesome blogger!

This is truly perfect and I couldn’t agree more with everything Alice says. I’m so glad she got on FreshlyPressed or I would have never have found her awesomely quirky and witty blog.


Okay, this is Alice being somewhat serious for a few minutes.  Canvas of the Minds is a blog with multiple authors that seeks to remove the stigma from mental illness by talking about it freely.  The authors, including yours truly, are not experts, except in our own experiences.  In other words, we all have a touch of the nuts.  And we want to share!  No, wait, we want to let other people know that it’s okay to share.  That’s better.

Because there are more of us than you think.  It’s not all confined to places like Wonderland.  We have way more than our share here, though.  I keep trying to get the Hatter to take some meds or at least go see a shrink but he keeps saying “Not during tea time!”  Of course, it’s always tea time, which means he can never seem to get any help.  Instead he…

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