The subtle art of bravery

Sometimes things happen differently than you thought they would – dreamed and hoped they would. It can be soul-crushing. You question everything, analyze everything, dig up what you planted and find it rotting at the roots.

How did you get here?

You feel fragmented – like you’re picking up pieces of yourself and trying to puzzle them back together. However,

The pieces of you no longer fit.

You must steel yourself against the fact that you’ve changed. You will not be what you were before.

It’s scary.

It’s freeing. 

You can bury this self and be resurrected into something blossoming, beautiful, and new.

Something that was always waiting to grow towards the sun. 

You’ll learn to love these new growths within yourself. They won’t always be awkward and unruly.

The best part: you begin to realize how brave you are. Letting go, starting over – it’s the bravest thing you can ever do. 


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