If only I could read…

I recently filled in my calendar for the whole semester. Let’s just say my life is going to be a blur of writing, reading, writing, reading, and writing even more. I can already tell that I will be writing more than I ever have in my entire undergrad experience. If I could give any advice to incoming freshmen… don’t do 12 hours. Just don’t. It sounds magical as a freshmen, just out of high school, to be able to say “I only got class twice a week- boo-yah!!!” But then you enter your junior year and your advisor says, “Oh hey, if you want to graduate on time you’ll need to pack on the hours I’m afraid, you don’t have summer plans, do you?”

Seriously though, I never did the math that 12 hours in the fall and spring, for four years, does not equal even close to enough hours to meet the graduation requirements. In fact, only doing 15 hour semesters barely cut it and that is if you’re lucky (or just have an amazing advisor who actually knows what is going on- which a lot of the time they do not and it is not their fault). They should tell English majors these things right off the bat, because obviously I don’t do math (that stereotype is so so true in my case).

The point is I am going to be writing A LOT of academic papers and my 30 page thesis before this semester is all said and done. It’s just a smidgen daunting.

At this point, I’m trying to imagine my life outside of school. I’ve taken 18 hours for the past two semesters now, including the max amount you can take in the summer, and I feel like I will have this ghost anxiety that a paper will still be due months after I graduate.

The one thing that keeps me looking forward to that uncertain time of job hunting adventures and applications is the part where I’ll get to read whatever I want. Whatever I want.

I’m slowly building up a list of books to read just for the sheer pleasure of it, and it has been a glorious past time for me in between reading The Odyssey and Beowulf (epics seem to be a thing right now).


If you have any suggestions for my reading binge that will be taking place during the holidays, I am open to everything. Except anything you would find on a college syllabus…. 😉 At least for now.



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