Airstream Update 3: lessons in patience

Two days ago, we finished painting the entire Airstream white (except for the blue backsplash in the bathroom). I really didn’t think it would be such a long process since it’s only a 200 sq foot space, but since we kept most of the cabinetry and appliances it took a lot of patience to do a good job cutting in. There were some pretty pesky corners that were hard to get to, which resulted in me doing some “finger” painting because a brush wouldn’t fit. We were wishing for a spray gun when it was all said and done.

Let’s see what we’ve been able to cross off the list so far!

  • Finish painting the bathroom (so close!!)
  • Install Precision Temp hot water heater
    This heater made us have to do some serious retrofitting that we definitely didn’t foresee. I’m thinking the splurge on this will be worth it though!
  • Finish sealing exterior — this is a constant work in progress since we keep finding leaks after every good rain. Which makes sense because we haven’t had a chance to seal all the seams on the exterior. I know M will be wanting to get on this pronto.
  • Remove the galley (kitchen) counter
  • Paint the rest of the interior That is the most satisfying cross out to date!!
  • Evaluate the furnace This turned into Mason convincing me that we should invest in a new furnace. I really wanted a new oven to go in that space, but if we ever want to travel north this will probably be a blessing.
  • Order & install bamboo floors. We haven’t installed the floors yet because we were painting EVERYTHING, but we did decide to go with hard laminate. We couldn’t pass up the steal of a sale going on at Lowe’s.
  • Replace the axles
  • Replace the galley (we have decided to use outside help for this bit– so excited about the future butcher block counter!)
  • Build the front sleeping area
  • Curtains/Cushions
  • Polish and shine the exterior for that wow-factor reflection😉
  • Buy and install new awning
  • Happy little finishing touches here and there, plus adventures on the road!

We only have a handful of things to do now until we move in, which has definitely boosted my motivation. Based on other reno stories, I was sure we could finish in 3-4 months. That hasn’t been the case. Working full-time and maintaining some sanity means we don’t go out as often as some people probably would. As much as I would love to push myself harder to get things wrapped up, it would put too much stress on us right now. Self-care is important!

Regardless of being six months in, the finish line feels so much closer. We truly can’t complain. (Except for my hair, my hair is very happy that the painting process is over. I should’ve invested in a shower cap!)

I try and reflect on the little moments of this process, like jamming out to “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba while we paint (because it’s certainly knocked me down quite a few times 😉 ). Laughing at my impatience with, well, everything. If anything, this project will have hopefully taught me patience, and that the greatest victories are in the smallest things.

Now it’s time to settle down for the holidays and help M get over a cold. Until next time, here’s photos of our progress. As always, thanks for following along.



Below are photos sans before shots. I’m waiting to do those for when we have a more completed finished product. I’m probably going to do a post dedicated entirely to the bathroom because that space has transformed the most (and had the scariest before shot in my opinion!). So stay tuned!

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